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About the Team

Hello earth-dwellers! Today we wanted to let you know a little bit about the team working on the future AAA-Blockbuster-Billion-Dollar-Earning game World's Bane. We're a small team of three currently based in Quezon City, Philippines. We are all passionate gamers although we differ in the types of games we love to play. We've been working on World's Bane since I think around December of 2016 although it has gone through several different iterations through the years. That journey is probably worth another blog post.

Now on to the individual team members!

Marvin Apacible

The Mastermind

As the writer of this blog post, I have to try to be as fair and unbiased as possible in discussing myself and my capabilities. Marvin Apacible is what you would call a genius and a gentleman. As the best founder a startup indie game could ever have, he is poised to bring Philippine game development to new heights. /endjoke

Marvin has been in the game development industry for 9 years. He first entered the business by developing flash games as a solo developer and profiting from it through sponsorships and advertisements. His most successful flash game is a simulation game called Innkeeper, which was released on Kongregate and Armorgames back in 2012. He then went on to work as a Managing Director for the gaming division (Loud Panda Games) of a local tech startup that develops free-to-play mobile games and have released a few small local games under that company. He left the company after being jaded about free-to-play game design. That's when he decided to go back to his roots of developing simulation games for the PC. He then founded Maccima Games with two other developers from his previous company.

Ian Chy

Masked Developer

Ian Chy is a young and lovable firecracker game developer. We've branded him as the Masked Developer because he doesn't want his face to be seen in social media. I've masked his photo here at his insistence.

Ian graduated Magna Cum Laude in Information Technology. He entered the game industry as an intern in Loud Panda Games in 2014 and then got hired by the company shortly after he graduated. He then joined Marvin in Maccima Games when the company closed down about a year after Marvin left.

He used to be notorious for his tardiness but he has improved significantly. He is a huge Blackpink fan and is really really looking forward to their upcoming concert here in Manila.

Do not attempt to jump-scare him...

Mykel Abania

Silent Assassin

Mykel Abania is the silent but deadly game developer buddy of Ian Chy. Their career path is completely identical as they've studied in the same college, interned in the same company, both got hired by the same company and transferred to Maccima Games at the same time.

Arguably the most responsible member of the team, Mykel is usually first to enter the office and last to leave. He rarely starts a conversation, perhaps because he is attempting to emulate his idol Ezio Auditore of Assassin's Creed 2? He might think he is a cool assassin but we often tease him that if our trio were Destiny's Child, then he is the Michelle of the group.

Mykel says he is from a very music-loving family and it shows! You would often see him developing games while listening to a wide variety of Spotify playlists. He is allegedly really good at guitars but I have yet to hear him play.


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